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The Globalist Overthrow & Looting of Ukraine


by Mike King

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February 12, 2020

 NY Times: Biden Braces for a Rough New Hampshire Vote, Setting Expectations Low


 Joe Biden -- the anointed Demonrat candidate to face-off against Donald Trump in QFS 2020 (Quadrennial Freak Show) -- has lost his halo. Sulzberger's Slimes -- that all-mighty flagship of Libtardia -- appears to be sounding an early death knell for their former Golden Boy as follows:

"His donors and supporters around the country are uneasy. His poll numbers in New Hampshire and nationally look increasingly shaky. He faces intense competition for moderate Democratic support and uncertainty about his viability in future contests."

Bye bye Biden? So soon?

But what the "paper of record" does NOT reveal in this article is the real reason why Biden is dropping like a rock. It's not because of his age, nor his lack of appeal to "progressives," nor to the sudden appeal of other candidates, etc. etc. etc. No, Biden has crashed because Trump and friends have raised suspicions about his, and his son, Hunter's, shady dealings in Ukraine. It's not that low intelligence / low morals Demonrat primary voters care about criminality among their heroes, of course. They're just worried that the stench of blackmail and bribery now surrounding the Bidens has rendered Creepy Pedo-Joe unelectable. It is interesting to note that although the Slimes is pretending that this has nothing to do with Ukraine, the equally Globalist Atlantic Magazine was more realistic in assessing the cause of Biden's fall. Headline, from last week:

Impeachment Hurt Somebody. It Wasn’t Trump.

In the end, the president succeeded in doing precisely what he wanted in the first place: tarring a leading Democratic rival.

Well played Trump. Well played. Now, start throwing some of these sneaky sons-of-bitches in prison already, will ya?

1. Papa Biden & son Hunter golfing with crooked Ukrainian oil executives. // 2. Trump's boy, Rudy Giuliani, went to Ukraine and gathered up the evidence. // 3. When confronted by an Iowa Demonrat voter over the Ukraine allegations, Biden got defensive and essentially called the man fat, old and a liar. (here)

The true story behind Biden's political corruption and self-destruction offers us  good "teachable moment" for an important crash course review of the sad story of how Ukraine was subverted, overthrown, and then looted by these shady charlatans in service to Soros.


1. 1600's - 1900's: Dating back to the earliest days of the Russian Empire, through the seven decades of the Soviet Union, the region known as Ukraine, along with Belarus, has always been a brotherly part of the Russian-Soviet state. Ethnic /tribal ties among the three go back as many as 1,000 years.

2. 1954: As part of a symbolic gesture marking the 300th anniversary of Ukraine becoming a part of the Tsardom of Russia, an administrative action transferred the government of the Crimean Peninsula from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

3. 1991: Under Globalist pressure from without and the treason of Mikhail Gorbachev from within, the Soviet Union dissolved into 15 republics. Suddenly, the Russian-speaking people on the Crimean Peninsula were no longer affiliated with Russia. Crimea, given no say in the matter, thus became an unwilling region of the new nation of Ukraine. The Russians did however maintain a vital naval base on the peninsula -- one which NATO was already coveting.

1. Crimea: A strategically vital part of Russia for centuries. 2. Kruschev's gang symbolically transferred it from Russia to Ukraine. 3. Russian Crimeans, against their will, were abandoned to the new state of Ukraine after the demise of the U.S.S.R.

4. 1991-2009: The post-Soviet period was marked by constant back-and-forth power struggles within Ukraine between its CIA-Globalist "color revolution" puppet faction and its Russia-friendly faction. On election days, the Russian-speaking Crimean people always voted against the Globalist puppets in overwhelming numbers.

5. 2010: Viktor Yanukovich is elected the 4th President of Ukraine. He tries to establish good ties with both Russia and the West. The Globalists believe that they can court Yanukovich and eventually lure him into the European Union / NATO web.

6. 2013: The Yanukovich government stuns the Globalists by ending the process of integration into the European Union and embracing Putin's multi-lateral worldview instead.

1. The 2004 "Orange Revolution" was made in the USA, by the CIA. // 2. After power changed hands again in 2010, Obongo and his handlers thought they could control the new president, Victor Yanukovich (above, with Mr. and Mr. (not a typo) Obongo) // 3. Yanukovich tries to escape the NWO plantation and buddy-up with Putin.

7. Late 2013: The Soros-Rothschild-CIA crime syndicate flips a switch and BOOM -- HUGE "spontaneous" pro-EU, anti- "corruption" protests erupt in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.

8. December, 2013: Soros agent Senator John McStain (with the full blessing of Obongo) arrives in Ukraine to fire up the ugly rent-a-mob. He pledges American support for their cause.

9. February, 2014: The mob turns violent. Yanukovich -- the duly-elected president -- is forced to flee for his life to Russia.

1. The "spontaneous" anti-Yanukovich protests in Kiev's "Maidan Square" -- filled with EU flags and many English-language signs -- was a Western "Deep State" production all the way. // 2. Evil rat bastard John McStain (RIH) lit the fuse! // 3. Death and destruction overthrew the legitimate anti-EU government of Ukraine -- and the Fake News cheered it as an "anti-corruption" movement!

10. February, 2014: The hand-picked stooges of U.S. Under-Secretary of State Vicky Nuland (Nudelman) -Kagan (cough cough) are installed. The western looters (including Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Mitt Romney and Joe Biden (mostly via family members)) now have an opening to rob U.S. "foreign aid" to Ukraine, as well as the people of Ukraine directly.

11. February, 2014: Spooked by the criminal events and bloodshed in Kiev, the predominantly Russian people of Crimea take to the streets to protest for a clean break from Ukraine and a return to Russian sovereignty. When Crimean self-defense forces deploy in support of the people against Soros-CIA agitators based in Ukraine, the Fake News shrieks about a "Russian invasion" of "little green men."

12. March, 2014: Crimea holds a referendum with international observers present. By a vote of 97% to 3%, they choose to separate from the gangster government of Kiev and return to Russian sovereignty. Russia accepts their Crimean brothers and vows to protect them. And the Fake News and all the political whores of the New World Order haven't stopped bitching and whining and sanctioning and threatening Russia over Putin's "annexation" of Crimea ever since. 

1. After the violent coup, Nudelman and her hand-picked Ukrainian puppets formed a new dictatorship in Kiev -- answerable only to the Globalists. // 2. The Crimean people celebrated their democratic return to Mother Russia. // 3. "Putin is Hitler" --- blah blah blah... blah blah blah.

A cartoon by the brilliant and talented Ben Garrison says it all -- The sons of Kerry, Romney, Biden & Pelosi all got a piece of the Ukrainian action!

There --- see how bloody darn simple it can be to understand the truth about the world when the main data points are presented in basic sequential format? Lies complicate. Truth simplifies.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Joe Biden's campaign is in trouble.

Boobus Americanus 2: I think Trump's dirty attacks against his son's dealings in Ukraine really hurt Biden.


 St. Sugar: Trump and the NSA have got dirt on all these thieving Demonratss!

Editor: It sure does seem that way. Just yesterday, an audio of Mike Bloomberg saying things perceived as offensive to Blacks just surfaced out of nowhere, and Trump immediately retweeted it.

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