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 Simon & Schuster, and 9/11


by Mike King

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JULY 8, 2020

NY Times: Simon & Schuster Advances Publication Date of Trump Tell-All

Simon & Schuster announced on Monday that it was planning to release a tell-all book by Mary L. Trump, President Trump’s niece, two weeks earlier than scheduled.


We have no interest whatsoever in what Mary Trump has to dish about her uncle, Donald Trump. But money-grubbing Mary's hyped-up “tell all” book due out soon does afford us a “teachable moment” for exposing the publishing powerhouse Simon & Schuster – which is so eager to bring this book to market in time for the Globalist Establishment’s grand effort to unseat Trump this fall.

The colossal Simon & Schuster takes its name from the men who founded the company in New York City in 1924 -- Richard Simon (cough cough) and Max L. Schuster (cough cough).  Simon died in 1960; and six years later, Schuster retired and sold his half of S&S to its Chairman, Leon Shimkin (cough cough). Shimkin then merged Simon & Schuster with Pocket Books under the name of Simon & Schuster. In 1975, S&S was acquired by Gulf & Western – headed by Charles Bluhdorn (cough cough).

In 1994, S&S – now part of Paramount Communications, was sold to Viacom – headed by Sumner Redstone (cough cough) and today, by his daughter, Shari Redstone (cough cough).

From Richard Simon and Lincoln Schuster, to Leon Shimkin to Charles Bluhdorn to Sumner then Shari Redstone (Rothstein) -- no "diversity" there. No sir, when it comes to owning and/or controlling the vast left-leaning Simon & Schuster book publishing operation – it is strictly a kosher affair. No goy (Whites) need apply.

During the nearly one full century its existence, control / ownership of the influential book publishing giant has changed hands -- but those hands have always been Jewish.

1. Schuster on left / Simon on right. // 2. Leon Shimken // 3. Charles Bluhdorn

1. Sumner Redstone (Viacom / CBS / MTV) // 2. Shari Redstone

The preceding review of the 100-year pedigree of Simon & Schuster leads us to another “teachable moment” about a most suspicious 1988 song and video by superstar singer Carly Simon. Did “youse guys” know that Commie Carly (who adores Killary Clinton) is the daughter of the aforementioned Richard Simon? Ya can’t get any more connected than that.

The song / video (*linked at the end of this article) is titled "Let the River Run" – and it really does seem like an explicit teaser for the long-planned 9/11 false flag attack that was to take place 13 years later. The song -- from the 1988 movie "Working Girl" – would, inexplicably, go on to win an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy. The reason for the song’s arranged success was, we believe, due to the fact that is was actually a coded revelation from the elite Satanic Jews.  These sickos actually need to telegraph their moves this way.

Both the movie and the song's music video contain direct visual references to the Twin Towers. In the opening credits of the film (starring Harrison Ford, Sigourney Weaver & Melanie Griffith), as the song plays, the title "WORKING GIRL" flashes over the Statue of Liberty. Was this to subliminally label the United States as a "working girl" --- slang for Israel’s prostitute?

What follows here is an interpretation / decode of the lyrics for "youse guys" to consider before watching the video which not only prominently features the Twin Towers of New York, but also shows Carly singing in the lobby of the doomed WTC 7 building.

1. Carly Simon sings "Let the River Run" with the Twin Towers -- and also the doomed Building 7 -- in the background. // 2. What was so special about this mediocre song that it earned her THREE major awards for best song of 1988? (above, Carly shows off her Oscar, 1989). // 3. "WORKING GIRL" means prostitute -- and it flashes across the Statue of Liberty during the film's opening credits (not to be confused with the Simon video) -- and also features a ferry boat heading straight for the Twin Towers. (here)

Lyric: Let the river run

Decode: That would be the Hudson River which leads to the southern tip of Manhattan, where the World Trade Center stands.

Lyric: Let all the dreamers wake the nation

Decode: Theodor Herzl, the founder of modern Zionism, who's "dream" it was to establish the “State of Israel" once said "If you will it, it is not a dream." The Globo-Zionist Jews waiting for this vision of Greater Israel and world domination to happen are the "dreamers."

Lyric: Come, the New Jerusalem

Decode: The "New Jerusalem," eh? -- It doesn't get any more messianic / one worldish than that! This "dream" of a "New Jerusalem" is be ushered in after the United States "Working Girl" rearranges the Middle East in the “War on Terror” – induced by the 9/11 attacks.

Lyric: Silver cities rise

Decode: The heavily populated Twin Towers were indeed “silver cities” rising high.

Lyric: The morning lights the streets that meet them

Decode: The attack will take place in the morning – The “them” are either the attackers or the workers heading to their offices walking on "the streets that meet them."

Lyric: And sirens call them on with a song

Decode: Sirens can either refer to the Greek myths of men on ships seduced by the song of the sirens to crash on the rocks and sink (hijacked planes crashing into buildings) – and or, the sound of police and fire truck sirens blaring after the first strike, bringing other first responders to their doom.

Lyric: It's asking for the taking

Decode: The towers are unprotected and inviting target.

Lyric: Trembling, shaking

Decode: The towers are so vulnerable to attack that they are metaphorically trembling and shaking in fear.

Lyric: Oh, my heart is aching

Decode: Carly is excited about what is coming.

Lyric: We're coming to the edge

Decode: The twin towers are located on the edge of southern Manhattan Hudson River.

Lyric: Running on the water

Decode: Running along the Hudson River on the way to attack the towers.

Lyric: Coming through the fog

Decode: The attack will come from the sky but at low altitude, where fog settles.

Lyric: Your sons and daughters

Decode: Sons and daughters of Israel.

Lyric: We the great and small,

Decode: Big Jews and small Jews.

Lyric: ... stand on a star …

Decode: The Star of David

Lyric: .. and blaze a trail of desire, through the dark'ning dawn

Decode: The towers will be engulfed in a blaze and/or the Star of David is the light.

1. The Hudson River runs from upstate New York to the "edge" of Manhattan, where the Twin Towers were located. // 2. The "New Jerusalem" is often described as a "dream." // 3. "Silver cities rise" --- "asking for the taking, trembling shaking."

On September 11 of 2009, Carly (a possible tranny whose expected name had already been chosen to be “Carl” because dad wanted a son) inexplicably performed this song at the World Trade Center site supposedly to honor the lives lost in the destruction 8 years earlier. (here) In reality, the song was a celebration. Why else perform this song at "Ground Zero" -- whose lyrics are so vague and so seemingly unconnected to New York City? The words only make sense when you understand the decode and see the video imagery; and understand Carly’s elite background.

Oh, and one more thing: it was Sammy Davis Jr. – a converted Jew and known Satanist (here) – who was chosen to announce Carly Simon’s name as winner of the 1989 Oscar for this song. (here) Coincidence? Hell no! (pun intended)

Watch and listen closely to video linked below.  Let us know what you think.

1. Carly Simon and her adult children sing "Let the River Run" (The New Jerusalem) at 2009 9/11 Memorial event. // 2. 1988: In one part of the video, Carly sings  in the lobby of Building 7 -- which also blew up on 9/11 and wasn't even touched by an airplane. // 3. Sammy the Satanist was chosen to announce that Carly's song was the winner of the Oscar.

***See Video Below***

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that Simon & Schuster will be releasing that tell-all book by Trump's niece earlier than expected.

Boobus Americanus 2: Simon & Schuster is one of America's oldest and most respected publishing firms.


St. Sugar: Resspected by libtardss and normiess ssince 1924!

Editor: I wonder if they'd republish The Bad War for me?


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